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7 Reasons to Add SIP Trunking to Your Telephone System

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Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) usually brings to mind popular consumer services such as Vonage, Skype and Google Voice. Many businesses have replaced their old telephone systems with VoIP through services commonly called Hosted VoIP, Hosted PBX, IP Centrex & Virtual PBX from business VoIP providers. However, integrating VoIP with legacy telephone systems is gaining popularity through Session Initiation Protocol or SIP trunking.

SIP Trunking

SIP trunking is not limited to newer telephone systems that can accept them directly. Older telephone systems can use a SIP trunk with the aid of an integration box. Here is a list of SIP trunks benefits that most any telephone system can take advantage:

1. Direct Inward Dial (DID): DID is a telephone number that rings directly to a desk phone or a department. The number can be published on business cards, the Internet and directories or it can be private. Older telephone systems require expensive circuits or telephone lines for DID. Newer digital systems can handle DID with the use of a Primary Rate Interface (PRI) circuit. Although PRIs are an efficient way to take advantage of DIDs, they can be costly for telephone systems of 20 phones or less. SIP trunks can provide DIDs economically for very small phone systems.

2. Publish Local Numbers in other Market Areas: The 10 digit telephone numbers that point to SIP trunks are not limited by geographical areas. A telephone system located in Dallas could have local numbers on its from Dallas, Seattle, Los Angeles, New York and Chicago. Someone calling the local Chicago telephone number would have no idea that they are talking to someone in Dallas.

3. Stop Guessing at the Required Number of Telephone Lines: Most businesses with older phone systems almost always guess at the number of telephone lines that they need. The penalty for guessing wrong is paying too much for too many lines or losing business and frustrating callers with too few. Although many SIP services are priced base upon the number of concurrent calls that they will pass, the price point for each path is significantly less than traditional service. In addition, many SIP providers can advise on whether a business has the correct number of concurrent call paths.

4. Back-Up Circuits: Companies that experience periods of heavy call volume or cannot afford to be without telephone service can employ SIP trunks as back-up. SIP Trunks affordable price makes them a better alternative than other options. If the Internet provider is a cable company or wireless ISP, SIP trunks can also offer a diverse cable route into the building since they are delivered over the Internet.

5. Disaster Recovery: SIP trunk providers deliver their service from 'soft' switches that are far more flexible than the large hardware central office switches of large telephone companies. Beyond providing a diverse cable route into the business, many SIP trunk providers can automatically re-route calls to other 10 digit telephone numbers including mobile phones in the event they lose contact with their customer. Further, they can process calls through automated attendants and voicemail at their Point of Presence (POP).

6. Unlimited Long Distance: SIP trunk services: are delivered with a wide variety of price packages. Businesses can easily find a package that will meet their needs. Some packages include unlimited domestic long distance within the Continental United States. SIP trunks can be used for outbound long distance calls only, turning exorbitant long distance bills into a flat monthly rate.

7. Quickly Re-configure Service to Meet Changing Needs: The 'soft' switch architecture of SIP trunk providers allows them to be agile in meeting a changing customer's needs. They can quickly add and subtract features and concurrent calls paths within hours and without sending a service technician on-site.

SIP trunks can add value and enhance the features of any telephone system including old legacy systems. They adapt quickly, control costs and offer features not available from standard telephone line service. With the aid of integration boxes, any business can start taking advantage of VoIP and its many benefits without changing out their complete telephone system.

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