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VoIP Termination - Equalises the Cost of Calling

VoIP Termination

· VoIP Termination

Online Wholesale VoIP Termination Services

With an outcome of IP telephony, communication has attained an elevated status in the telecom industry. Today, the growing popularity of voice transmission via Internet has cut down on the expenses incurred over the traditional PSTN services. In VoIP call termination services, calls are routed over the Internet in a compressed format. This increases an efficiency of service and reduces the cost of call. The primary reason for shifting to VoIP termination service is cost, as it reduces the cost of long distance or international call significantly.

VoIP Termination

There are three kinds of voice over IP providers who offer services for call transmission, wholesale carrier services and reseller programs namely Tier1, Tier2 and Tier 3 operators. The operators of Tier 1 are those who have their physical network either in a country or across the world to carry and terminate voice traffic. Tier 2 operator initiates call termination over IP network by leasing a portion of network of Tier 1 operator terminate international calls. The Tier 3 operator are those who uses a portion of either Tier1 or Tier 2 service provider to terminate their calls. The providers of Tier2 and Tier3 saves the cost of infrastructural and registration as technical equipments and substantial investments are taken care by Tier1.

For generating a call via VoIP termination service, a user requires a computer with an Internet connection, ATA for converting analog voice into digital signals, IP phone and headset. To avail the call termination service, user can opt for one way like:

1. VoIP call through computer

2. Specially designed IP phone with built-in ATA

3. Traditional fixed line phones for calling via Internet

Service providers of VoIP increase profit margins through call termination. Besides cost, other important aspect of IP services to be considered are stability of network and voice quality. Providers of call termination services and end customers should consider stability and quality before leasing the network and purchasing the minutes respectively.

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