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Why Softswitches/ VoIP Switch Is a Better Option

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VoIP technology is constantly growing in both commercial and residential areas. VoIP Soft Switch is a software platform enabling quick VoIP services. It holds all required components needed for successful execution of various VoIP services.

Softswitches - VoIP Switches

VoIP switch features:-

  • A highly expandable softswitch with incorporated billing
  • A calling card platform with internet protocol IVR involving pin
  • A callback way out supporting entire triggering methods, for e.g. missed call, message and internet call back
  • Internet callshop interface
  • Internet self care gateway for consumers and support for online expenses
  • Short messaging service features for both retail and wholesale services
  • Windows communicator with instantaneous messaging, voicemail, SMS, SIP calling and numerous other modules
  • More than one user IP PBX platform
  • Wide-ranging reporting and monitoring techniques
  • Quick setup and no other unseen charges; only pay for the ports
  • 24*7 online support

VoIP switch has created new VoIP business opportunities for VoIP service providers and resellers across the globe to provide improved VoIP services with minimum investment requirement.

Switching to VoIP calling systems is really beneficial. It is highly effective and costs less than any other calling facility by providing an easy access to long distance or international phone calls across the world. VoIP companies are getting highly popular nowadays with the stipulation of numerous superiorities in the phone calls without any obstacles and troubles.

VoIP switch assures you excellent, advanced clear voice quality on all local and long distance or international phone calls. The switch providers assure you the best calling services. After all, they show you all probable ways to make you satisfied in every possible manner. Without any certain time limit, you can make a call at anytime and to anyone, sitting in any corner of the world. There are no time bars and no tensions of huge expenses due to phone calls.

One among the added benefits of VoIP switch is low chance of disconnection between voice and data. This continuing connection between voice and data in Voice over Internet Protocol means a proficient association between software applications and voice communications.

VoIP switch solution can be utilized within businesses in nearly every industry because of its value-based routing function, which enables diverse routing methods to be used as per the individual client preferences. Moreover, its restoring techniques can keep entire networks completely optimized and executing adequately at all times, and its capacity to operate with a typical server platform is highly appreciated. To boost client experience at an economical price, there can be no other option superior to employing the discerning VoIP switch.

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