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What Wholesale Providers Should Expect From VoIP Billing Software?

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Wholesale VoIP service providers need a robust billing software which can be relied upon. The software should effectively deal with the complexities of the VoIP switching world.

VoIP Billing Solutions - VoIP Billing Software

VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) is becoming increasingly popular in the telecom sector, thanks to several advantages associated with it. The growing clout of the technology has prompted a stream of players to jump onto the VoIP bandwagon offering their band of services. This necessitates the need of a robust VoIP billing software which caters to the needs of the wholesale VoIP operators.

VoIP billing software is an advanced approach to accounting. These automated billing systems can take care of all accounting tasks in precise manner. A good software can help a provider save around 80% of time spent on accounting. It also reduces the probability of mistakes which translates into higher number of satisfied customers. The saved time and resources can be better used to enhance the core services of the organization.

The VoIP billing solution has to be designed reckoning with the convolutions of the VoIP switching world and must offer in-detail analysis, reporting and bill generation features. It must be fast yet provide with extensive details. It must also save considerable time in operations management by flawlessly switching from manual or other types of billing systems. It should also ideally provide product customization for VoIP solutions.

Key features of an efficient VoIP billing software are Standard and Advanced VoIP Billing Functionality, Cross Browser Compatibility & Web 2.0 Application, Multiple Authentication Methods, Call Legs Selection, Real-time Monitoring and Alerts, Elaborate Reporting, Virtual Server Partitioning, Carrier Grade Reliability, Modular Architecture, High Call Capacity, Interoperability with wide range of Switching Platforms, CRM Portal and Accurate Invoicing. Test your software on these parameters whether it fits the bill.

Virtual server partitioning is a useful advanced functionality in the billing software. It enables providers to use leveraged relationships with third parties to promote their business. By segregating a single VoIP billing server, the providers can lease its functionality to several resellers. This functionality facilitates the capacity to generate revenues via revenue splits or by charging fee.

The system must empower VoIP service providers with all tools to implement a variety of business models. It must be capable of seamlessly integrating with complex business arrangements and payment mechanisms. It is expected to offer carrier grade robustness and high scalability to serve the needs of emerging as well as established telecom operators and service providers. It must facilitate providers to fine-tune their service offerings with unlimited call billing abilities.

All VoIP service providers have some basic billing requirements. However, their needs might also differ in some aspects. Hence the software should also provide customization when needed.

A program that can keep tabs on efficiently and accurately getting clients, despite the difficulties, is preferred by the providers. The program should provide effective charging system and include elaborate reports on route traffic developments, inquiries, revenue and loss as well as other business measurements. Providers want their voip billing system to be highly accessible, scalable, reliable and safe. Any good VoIP billing software is available with standard and advanced functionality enabling the service providers to use them as per the needs of their customer segments.

The author of this article is currently associated with TelefoneMedia, which offers hosted soft switch [] and VoIP billing management services.

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